Four Amazing Reasons to Create Your Own Dog Treats

Yummy in Your Dog's Tummy...
Four Amazing Reasons to Create Your Own Dog Treats.


When you take control of your dog’s nutrition, you’ll quickly find that chemicals and preservatives can actually harm your loyal bud.  They can actually prevent good behavior and according to some research cause them to be mean. 

Your dog is much smaller than the weight of a human, I mean everything is smaller… they’re cute little brain is working overtime when you throw in a few chemicals and preservatives.

I know this… I bought a water filter, you know the kind, it’s the pitcher you fill and put in your refrigerator.  Try this… my dog was happier, peppier, and rambunctious!  Also, my plants perked up in crazy ways. 

If filtered water has this impact, how about homemade dog treats?!?!

Homemade Dog Treats



We just talked about chemicals and preservatives.  But what about all of the fats… saturated fats are a bummer and if you stick to 5 or less ingredients in your own homemade treats what a great investment in your best friend’s health! 

Everything you do now is to give you the best companion out there for the longest amount of time.  It’s not difficult to put the best treats together, it does take a little time…. But this isn’t an everyday baking thing.  Bake a batch, it will last a while.

In the mean time you’re giving your dog a healthier heart, helping to keep their teeth clean and depending on your ingredients you might even see a nice shiny coat of fur!



I know… it’s fun to go to the dog food store and pick out all of the cute, good looking, packages of treats!  They are in cute shapes and smell good.  Seriously, the blueberry treats are an amazing scent.

But here’s the deal… they cost a bunch!

When you’re planning your homemade dog treat check list… many of the ingredients are already in your pantry.  These are human grade treats!

Make a batch and I’ll bet  you’ll be satisfied with the money you save as you start adding a little love to your dog treats.



Do you love homemade cookies or store bought cookies?  Answer honestly, most of the time I would rather have a fresh plate of homemade cookies! 

Why is your dog any different?  They gobble fast, but they do have taste buds.

If you bake a treat for them, they’ll go crazy for it, just like you do for a fresh baked cookie.


Remember: Click the link to grab my free PDF download, “Easy PAWSOME Homemade Dog Treats – and one bonus human treat” with 25 fabulous easy to make dog treats with 5 or less ingredients.   Seriously… 5 or less ingredients to make your dog’s tail go into overdrive!


 Homemade Dog Treats