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The Pancake and Waffles Story
 Mr. Pancake
Mr. Pancake

Born September 11, 2012, our "Freedom Dog" was almost named "Ben" in honor of the brave fighters to protect the US Embassy in Benghazi. 

Mr. Pancake and Patriotism went hand and paw... he celebrated his birthday every 9-11 in patriotic pride because of sharing such a special day in history.

Since he did not end up as Ben... the most common question is... "How did Mr. Pancake get his name?" - well... it was an intense negotiation between my then husband and me.  We wanted a dog but could not decide on a name.

At one point we were on vacation in the Wisconsin Dells and deciding on a breakfast location.  As we looked through the local travel booklet, it was suggested we try "Mr. Pancake" to which I said, "That sounds like the name of a dog"

And BOOM.  That was it.

Whether we adopted a boy or girl dog... the name would be Mr. Pancake.

The Cake-a-Nater, Mr. Piddle Pants which became Mr. Sassy Pants, but most common, Panni was a great dog.  He loved running and napping.  He traveled to 14 different states and made two cross country trips.

But January of 2021 we received bad news, ironically on inauguration day, and a short 66 days later Mr. Pancake lost his battle with cancer.

The ongoing legacy of Mr. Pancake can be learned through his foundation which brings awareness to Anal Sac Cancer in dogs and the simple benefit of filtered water.  Make sure to visit Pancake Lover. 

 The book, Pawsitive Journey, is in development. 

Sir Golden Waffles
Sir Golden Waffles

Oh Jeeze, another... How the heck did he get his name question.

His name selection was a little less complicated but let me begin with his story.  Waffles is also a Teddy Bear Goldendoodle. 

I wanted another non-shedding dog with a sweet disposition and have received the complete package. 

He has been targeted for Therapy Dog training and that made the adoption process much easier.  The goal is to work with crisis response or therapy - when you have a great dog, sharing the love is important. 

Although he's been in a lot of obedience training, he has a lot to learn and we will be documenting it on his web presence, Waffles Lover.

Waffles was born January 30, 2021.  It was important to me to have Waffles on the planet at the same time as Mr. Pancake.  I knew this would allow him his own identity and prevent the "oh boy... is it actually Mr. Pancake?" thoughts to creep into my mind.

But while I adopted Waffles ONLY three weeks after I said good-bye to Mr. Pancake, he was in training for the next 4 months.  You see... In April I knew I wanted another dog, but I also knew I was not ready at that exact moment. 

That four months was great.  I grieved, still do, but I also prepared.

One other tip...

I also wanted dog that had a different coat color.  Again, to help prevent me from treating him as a "second" Mr. Pancake.

So far it's worked.  He has his VERY own personality... completely different from Mr. Pancake.

Waffles is an escape artist - so far, he's clawed his way out of a crate, climbed an 8' rock wall... walked around the baby gates in the house AND jumped over them.  He's smart, sassy, sleeps on his back, AND gives the best hugs.

He has made one cross country road trip from Alabama to Minnesota.  And soon it will be documented in a resource guide "Road Trip Puppy".  Because, yes you can travel cross-country, with a puppy, by yourself... I mean... heck I did it.

But how did he get his name?  Well, Waffles was kind of a natural choice... Golden, that's in honor of Dr. Golden that took such good care of Mr. Pancake in his final days, and "Sir" - I mean, how can you call him Mister?

So far he also goes by... "NO Waffles" (He gets in trouble a lot)... "Waffle-opagus", "Waff Waff" and "Waffie" or even "Waffie waff waff"


The book Road Trip Puppy is in development


Fun Fact:

There is a National Pancake Day AND a National Waffle Day!


About Roxanne

The journey from Pancake to Waffles was one I didn't know I wanted to go through.  I've often said, "No dog owner wants to think about 'THAT' day" and yet it always happens.

I guess that the journey opened my eyes to an entire new level of holistic opportunities for dogs.  Coming soon is my book the "Pawsitive Journey" that shares what I've learned. 

In addition to making dog collars for 8 years, I'm the General Manager at our family marina in Minnesota, I'm a former national champion at baton twirling and I've coached two national champions, Public Speaking is a passion of mine, along with marketing and creating websites.

This entire site has become a public awareness passion to help others understand anal sac cancer and some basic health changes to promote the most beneficial lifestyle for your dog.  Donations are made from each purchase to our foundation Pancake Lover to provide fresh water to dogs in need.

I'm happy you've read to the end of this section... as a reward, make sure to join our free VIP group, TailBlazers so you can become part of our paw loving family.