Great Dog Photo Tips for Perfect Christmas Photos

Dog in front of Christmas Tree


Whether it’s Christmas Day and you want to grab a great photo... OR it’s time to create your annual Christmas card and you need a cute picture, these three tips will help you create an amazing memory.




Your dog and a tree.


Take your dog and plop them in front of a Christmas Tree.


If you happen to be taking this photo prior to the holiday season - simply find a pine tree outside and bring a red ribbon. This will do just fine for a wonderful back drop.


Otherwise getting your dog to lay down at the base of the tree with a few ornaments in the background will capture the spirit of the season.


AND lay down on the ground to get the photo from their perspective, it really does make a difference.




Twining Selfies.


Do you know how many cute outfits there are for the holiday season?


They even make matching outfits for you and your pup.


Why not use your best selfie skills and take a great photo together.


What I will say is you do need a little practice to get the best photo - I had a matching sweater with Waffles and it took over 50 photos to get the best one!


But this is a great way to capture the magic of the season.




One prop.

Keep your photo simple with one prop to make a Christmas photo magical.


This could be Christmas balls on the floor, a stocking hanging on the wall, maybe a light up candy cane.


Whatever it is keep it as minimalist as possible so the focus is on the dog and that one spark of inspiration for Christmas.


Make sure to check out our other blog post on capturing amazing dog photos to have even more tips for perfect pictures.


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