Healing Journey Bracelet - Compassion Gift For Dog Loss

Why I started creating the Healing Journey Bracelets...


This is my journey to the perfect compassion gift to honor the life of the best dog ever. 

After my dog passed I noticed a couple reactions.  Some people ignored me or the topic, some people awkwardly relayed condolences, there were even cards and gifts.  It was at this moment that I searched my soul and tried to find what is the ultimate gift to honor the loss or shocking news of a terminal illness for a dog owner.

I mean…

Maybe you received a phone call, maybe you saw a social media post, or maybe you were at the veterinarian’s office holding your friend’s hand as good-bye’s were whispered.  Whether this happened last night or a month ago that awkward silence is crying out for a message from you… but what words do you choose?  It’s overwhelming to say what is on your heart but you want to help ease their hurt from the loss of a loving dog. 

It’s long been stated that losing a dog can be more mentally challenging than losing a human.  Do you send flowers or cookies?  Do you take someone out for coffee?  What is too much… what is not enough… how do you break past the barrier of saying something awkward like “you should get another dog” or going overboard on a gift like buying them an urn for the ashes or really doing something inappropriate… like adopting them a puppy… HINT: don’t buy someone a puppy.

Thinking back to that miserable day in March… I was the receiver of gifts for the loss of my dog.  This IS the worst day of a dog owner’s journey.  You know it’s coming but you never want to think about it.  Now the funny thing is, I’m a positive person.  I love motivational quotes… but that night, that dreaded night, I wanted NOTHING positive.  I wanted to be sad.  Well, I didn’t WANT to be sad… I was sad.   I’ll be honest with you.  There are no words that will magically make your friend feel “better” and that first 24-48 hours is miserable.  But after that the healing does start to grow.  That’s when my Healing Tears Compassion Bracelet is perfect to show you care without choosing words like “hang in there” NOTE: don’t say that AND don’t buy someone a puppy.  I created this compassion bracelet from energy stones to add a special element of hope each time your friend glances at it… which will be a lot.  I still wear mine and each time I glance at it reminds me of my dog… in the best way possible, with me.

Don’t be afraid that it’s the “wrong style” or that your friend “doesn’t wear jewelry” … this bracelet is a gift that can sit on their night stand, hang from the rear view mirror, or even be carried in their pocket.  This truly is a gift where the thought really does count and the good vibes travel in so many different ways.

Buy your friend a compassion bracelet today and we will get it in the mail the next day.  It will arrive just in time with the best vibes to start their healing journey.  Will it make them cry?  Oh yes, it’s likely… but this time they will be healing tears.   

Remember, their healing tears pave the way on their healing journey.

compassion gift for dog lost - healing journey bracelet